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Marshall Swift

Providing Homeowners' and Auto Insurance coverage in Michigan through Independent Insurance Agents.

Northern Mutual sells its insurance policies through Independent Insurance Agents for many reasons.

Your Independent Agent lives in your community, they are involved in your schools and your community organizations, and they may be your friend.

Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, click for additional detailsBecause of this, your agent has a better opportunity to help you meet your insurance needs. They are not some anonymous voice over an 800 number. Independent Agents have a genuine interest in doing the best they can to serve you.

Keep doing business with your Independent Agent, the right choice!

Locate an agent near you today.

Young Drivers More Likely to Crash

15% of young drivers age 16-24 are involved in a traffic crash each year, while only 5% of 55 to 64 year-olds are involved in a roadway crash each year according to the Insurance Institute of Michigan(IIM). Make sure your young drivers appreciate the challenges of winter driving.

Check out KRC's Winter Driving School, Hancock, MI.

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